Suss Cunts



Nina Renee
Helena Holmes
Tahlia Eastman


Suss Cunts - Temper EP (April 27, 2018)


Suss Cunts is the trio of Tahlia Eastman, Nina Renee, and Helena Holmes, born in 2015 following ongoing banter about whether starting a band called Suss Cunts would be a good idea.

Their music shifts between thought provoking punk, infectious rhythms, angular guitar sounds and cacophony.

Since 2015, Suss Cunts have sold out headline shows, performed at Meredith Music Festival, written prolifically, and are now ready to release their second EP, Temper, out April 27 on Hysterical Records.

Temper is Suss Cunts’ most deliberate music yet, with more pure brawn and gusto than their debut. It kicks off with the title track, the perfect introduction to the bands’ ability to produce crooked hooks, jagged guitar leads and rousing choruses. “Newby” follows with a similarly seductive, haunting sound as Nina Renee’s nervy and open vocal punctuates the driving rhythm section. Sex-positive anthem, “10 Years” showcases the trio’s brash charm and sharp wit along with a steady barrage of pointed power-chords on “Vaxxer” which packs a blunt and heavy punch. Beforringing it back down with the lo-mo closer “Jamm.”

Suss Cunts’ live show is powerful and has brought their unscathing energy to Meredith Music Festival, By The Meadow and Wetfes I as well as sharing bills with the likes of Rolling Blackouts CF, Tropical Fuck Storm, I Heart Hiroshima, RVG, Wet Lips and Cable Ties.

Temper is a blistering new EP, which is sure to build upon their already established cult following of loving listeners in Australia and beyond